About Us


MC2 RECYCLING was born in 2013 as a family business with the intention of covering the supply and demand of paper, cardboard and plastic recovered both nationally and abroad.

In this way we collaborate to achieve the VERTIDO 0 and send to different industries all waste paper, cardboard and plastic for recycling and subsequent manufacture of new sustainable products (paper and cardboard reels, plastic bags, bottles, pipes, etc.).

Mission, vision and values
Mission Statement

Mc2Recycling’s vision is to meet the needs of our customers by providing quality secondary raw materials, while offering sustainable solutions for environmental protection.


Our vision is to become an international reference company for the trade of secondary raw materials.


Our work is based on: professionalism, quality, flexibility, honesty and effort.

Certificates and authorisations

n recent years, Mc2Recycling has obtained several seals that guarantee the quality of our work and have allowed us to expand our business and differentiate ourselves in the sector.

José Andrés Martín Cubero


Degree in Business Administration from the Complutense University of Madrid. More than ten years of experience in the paper and cardboard recovery sector and in the commercialization of plastic waste.

Carlos Martín Cubero


Degree in Business Administration and Management from the Complutense University of Madrid. Responsible for national and international logistics.