Paper and cardboard

Thanks to our wide network of suppliers, we have access to practically all the qualities of recovered paper and cardboard necessary for the paper industry: OCC, kraft, newsprint, white qualities, etc…

Mc2 Recycling sells more than 30,000 tonnes of paper and cardboard annually in both the domestic and international markets.

We look for the most suitable products for the needs of our customers. We ensure, by means of strict inspections, that they comply with the quality standards according to the UNE-EN 643 “European list of standardised qualities of recovered paper and cardboard”.

Our highly qualified team in the recycled plastic sector allows us to provide our customers with the best qualities of recovered plastic for their production processes.

Thanks to our international network we buy and sell any type of plastic (LDPE FILM, HDPE, Polypropylene, Polystyrene, PET,…..) and in any format (packed, shredded or chippings) optimizing its recycling to create new products.